24Trains is a subscription (SVOD) video platform. From modern trains and old trains to train rides across the greatest tracks around the world and miniature trains. The platform gives you access to exclusive high-quality videos about trains. It’s both entertaining and educational. The 24Trains business model is simple: pay a low fixed price per month and you will get unlimited access to the platform.

24Trains & Jet-Stream


24Trains started on a video platform but were not enthusiastic about the features, uptime, performance and support. Therefore, 24Trains decided to switch to Jet-Stream. Since then, their trains got wings.

Why Jet-Stream?

Jet-Stream offers 24Trains a flexible full-featured streaming platform, with a la carte services. Videos are uploaded in 4K ultra high quality and converted to adaptive bit rate streams. All media and data are stored in Jet-Stream’s secure European cloud. Jet-Streams’s Airflow Multi CDN brings the content close to subscribers all over the world. Jet-Stream Privacy Player Pro offers the platform’s audience a consistent experience, regardless of the used device. All new assets are automatically locked through the API to protect the media and the business case. The 24Trains portal and backend VMS are integrated thanks to the API’s. 24Trains receives accurate insights in audience behavior so that they can optimize their media offerings. 24Trains taps into Jet-Stream’s logs service, to support its business case: share revenues with content providers based on minutes played.

24Trains’ workflow on Jet-Stream, highlighted in orange.

Jet-Stream’s technical advice, workflow integration, player integration and cost calculations resulted in a successful and smooth implementation of the 24Trains platform.

Erik de Zwart, founder, DJ and train enthusiast.